Meetings 2020 - 2021

Date Time Speaker/Topic
Sept 2nd 7:00pm
Oct 7th 7:00pm David Droppers - Butterfly Garden
Nov 4th 7:00pm
Dec 2nd 7:00pm Mary Etta Foster & Mark Turner - Xmas Trees
Jan 6th 7:00pm
Feb 3rd 7:00pm Ken Salzman - Attracting Birds
Mar 3rd 7:00pm
Apr 7th 7:00pm
May 5th 7:00pm Anza Muenchow - Planning a Low Maint Kitchen Garden

Meeting Place:
All meetings will be virtual using Zoom. See Sept Gazette for more info.

We will continue with this format until the Washington State Department
of Health deems it safe to meet in large groups face-to-face.

Last Year's Meetings